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How did we get here?
Many years ago, I found a little cafe that served the Best Breakfast Burritos I ever had! We moved rouglhy 2000 miles away, so I attempted to recreate them at Home. I ended up creating my own breakfast burrito recipes. Almost every weekend my kids, "Dad, We want breakfast burritos"! I eventually introduced them to several friends. From then on, whenever friends would visit us from out of town, I was making my Breakfast Burritos.

    Since I have always wanted to own a restaurant, what else would I do?
So I started designing both a menu and my future Food Trailer. I continued to create and introduce them to new people, including co-workers. If you make them, We'll pay you... And so it truly began.
    One day I had gone shopping for orders I received from co-workers, when I got home I was really hungry. I opened the fridge and there was a couple of left-over Grilled burgers from the night before. I thought, "Hmmmm, I have the ingredients I could easily make a bacon cheeseburger in a burrito".
So that's what I did, shared them with the kids and the Bacon Cheddar Burgerrito was born. Since that day, the creative juices have been flowing and many additional recipes have been born and continue to be conceived.
The kids, in addition to a few special friends, have become my official Taste Testers. If it doesn't pass them, you won't see it on the menu. 

My Favorite outcomes since opening this business:
  • Working with both of my boys and seeing them learn new things and grow. Plus it's lots of fun working with them.
  • The ability to give my youngest son, with autistism, both cooking experience as well as additional socialization and customer service skills by having him on the register.
  • Seeing my Oldest son learn to cook and actually enjoying himself.

The making of Our Name
When thinking of a name for our business, many ideas were tossed around. One Really stuck, a little humor along with what we serve.
So, what do we primarily serve?
Big deal many food trucks serve burritos...
We serve Burritos that are unusual, not the typical burrito, not ordinary.
No Ordinary 
No Ordinary Burritos
& more...

Mr. Anonymous
None of this would be possible if I hadn't been Blessed by a Wonderful and Extremely Special Person who believed in Me, my Product and my Dream.
Thank You, Mr. Anonymous, for Everything you've done to help get me where I am today. without you this dream would not be a reality.
The Why?
From Above
Although they are no longer here and unable take part in this great adventure, I know they are Watching Down from Above.
Pre-Opening Celebration
December 15th, 2019 We invited many Friends and Family to our Pre-Grand Opening Celebration so they could sample our product, socialize and have a great time.
1st Official Event
Our Grand Opening:
On January 17th, 2020 we were blessed and honored to participate at the Grand Opening of The GROVE Church in Titusville. 
Closed for COVID
Sadly on April 3rd, 2020 we were forced to temporarily close up shop due to the COVID virus.
    On Saturday April 25th, we Re-Opened with additional COVID safeguards such as a plexi-shield at  our order counter, as well as a 6' service ramp to slide out your Hot orders.
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