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N'oubliez pas ce pourquoi nous travaillons.
    Many years ago, I stumbled upon a little cafe that served the Best Breakfast Burritos EVER! It was short lived, as we ended up moving 2000 miles away. I had no choice but to attempt to recreate them at home, I eventually created my own verisons. Almost every weekend my kids, "Dad, We want breakfast burritos"! I eventually introduced them to several close friends. From then on, whenever friends visit us from out of town, I'm making my Breakfast Burritos. I continued to create new recipes and introducing them to more friends and coworkers. I started getting common feedback, "I'll pay you if you make them for me".

    The overwhelming response combined with the fact I've always enjoyed working in the food industry, The Dream was ignited. So I started creating our menu and designing our future Food Trailer.

    One weekend after shopping for orders from co-workers, I got home and was really hungry. I opened the fridge and there was a couple of left-over Grilled burgers from the night before but we're out of buns. I thought, "Hmmmm, I have the ingredients and could easily make a bacon cheeseburger in a burrito". I was able to make a couple of burgerritos and shared them with the kids.
The Bacon Cheddar Burgerrito was born and Only the Beginning...
    Since that day, the creative juices have been flowing and many additional recipes have been born and continue to be conceived. The Jamerrito, The Flamin' Jamaic'n, The Mambo Italiano and The Nachorrito, just to name a few... The Family, in addition to a few Special Friends, have become the official NOB's Taste Testers. If it doesn't pass them, you won't see it on the menu. 

Blessings Received Since the Beginning:
  • The Support my family has provided has been unmatchable. From taste testing to working behind the line, I can't express my Gratitude and Appreciation enough! 
  • Seeing my Oldest son learn to cook and actually enjoying himself.
  • Opening my youngest son to direct socialization and new essential skills.

Our Purpose
Throughout the evolution of our Food Truck Dream,
a Much Greater Dream was Realized.
The Creation of a program to Promote Socialization and Improve Essential Skills, within a reasonably controlled environment, for our Young Adult son
with CP and Autism.
Ben will be taking your Orders while socializing and interacting with you.

*Please be kind as we develop his coping techniques. 
Additionally, he will attain Essential Daily Skills.
Our long term goal is to generate future positions, within, to support and encourage 
other young adults with Autism and other developmental disorders.

The making of Our Name
When thinking of a name for our business,
many ideas were tossed around.
One Really stuck, a little humor along
with what we serve.

So, what do we primarily serve?
Big deal many food trucks serve burritos...
But we serve Burritos that are unusual
not the typical burrito, not ordinary.

No Ordinary 
I Give You:
No Ordinary Burritos
& more...

Mr. Anonymous
None of this would be possible if we hadn't been Blessed by a Wonderful and Extremely Special Person who believed in Me, my Product and my Dream.
Thank You, Mr. Anonymous, for Everything you've done to help get us where we are today. without you this dream would not be a reality.
The Why?
FAMILY! Ohhhh... and for the love of cooking!
From Above
Although they are no longer with us and unable take part in this great adventure, I know they are Watching Down from Above.
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Now, Find us the Easiest Way Possible...
@ Street Food Finder.com


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Actualités 01
December 15th, 2019 We invited many Friends and Family to our Pre-Grand Opening Celebration so they could sample our product, socialize and have a great time.
Actualités 02
Our Grand Opening:
On January 17th, 2020 we were blessed and honored to participate at the Grand Opening of The GROVE Church in Titusville. 
Actualités 03
05/27/2020 First Manned Space Launch from KSC in almost a Decade.
Today we Set-up at Flack Auto Sales on US1 in Titusville to Serve Space Enthusiasts who came to view the Launch.
   Sadly the weather did not want to cooperate with NASA and SpaceX.
We fought through a barrage of wind, rain and even a tornado warning but kept the window open. Aside from our tip jar being blown down the highway and the cash flying away, we made it through unscaved.
  Don't worry, we'll be back out there on Saturday 5/30/20 for the next Launch attempt.
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